MAC Promises Selena Comeback for January, 2017

For all of you Selena fans who were disappointed by the tremendous response to MAC's beauty campaign, no worries!  The brand has promised to relaunch the popular products in January, 2017. It is my hope (as I'm sure it is MAC's) that each person who wants to purchase will have ample time to save up and prepare for purchase. 

Being that we are in October, now, that leaves several months to prepare for purchase. It is my  hope that each person will be able to purchase all of the items she wants. 

MAC is definitely popular and known to sell out. This, however, seems to have surprised MAC in an overwhelming way. It's amazing how my Selena fans are still out here. She was amazing and her legacy continues to live on. We that by the way that the collection sold out so quickly. 

Consider making this a late Christmas present for yourself. You are SO worth it.