Go Nude. Go Neutral.

Spring 2017 trends are starting with come into focus with the turn of the season right around the corner.  With new seasons come new trends. 

I will touch briefly on nudes and neutrals. Lip color is really a quick and easy way to change up your look without too much extra effort, especially with these two making a strong come back. 

For me personally, these two are always in and they never get old. It's nice to see an alternative to  bold, strong lips. I love to wear various looks, being an artist, and there are times that nude lips just set the tone for my look. 

So, for the spring and summer, we can expect to see nudes and neutrals. What's the difference, you ask? Well, I'll be happy to go into detail. 

Basically, nudes are colors that are close to or match your natural lip tone. You can think of it like this: if you skipped wearing nude lipstick, people probably wouldn't notice right away, if at all, because it's so natural-looking. That can be a plus for women who wear makeup but not on a daily basis. Nude colors would be more in the families of browns, taupes, and pinks.

Neutrals, on the other hand, add color without being too dramatic. They are going to be soft, yet noticeable. If you wore a soft rosey-plum, for instance, it would be noticeable if your natural color is pink or red. Plums and pinks would be considered neutral. They offer a pop of color without drawing a ton of attention to the lip. The list doesn't stop there-I just want to give you a better idea of what neutrals "look like." 

You'll see these more as we get closer to the season change. It's nice to see know that Spring, 2017 is right around the corner.