Ulta & MAC!

A marriage made in makeup heaven has finally been announced. MAC and Ulta have joined forces! I heard that this was going to happen and now it's here.

Basically, this is BIG news! Why? Because MAC has moved into another arena and I believe the payoff will be big for both companies. 

MAC is known strictly as a department store brand. Up until now-today that is, the brand was only sold department stores, in stand alone MAC stores or online. With that being said, it's going to be a big shift for many to be able to have the option of heading to Ulta to purchase. 

The important thing to note is that MAC is only available online at Ulta.com for now. I'm hoping that the brand will be available in the brick and mortar stores soon. 

The whole move is really a sign of the times. It's pretty interesting and exciting to see this brand become more easily accessible. It also speaks volumes to the shift that has happened in our economy and the change coming to the shopping experience-mainly retail. 

Take advantage of this option if you can. If anything, it's at least available online now at Ulta. I'm expecting this to be a positive move for both brands.