Bridal Contest Giveaway

Hi All! 

I hope this post finds you enjoying your summer. I personally am working on enjoying the outside weather. It's definitely my favorite time of year weather-wise. 

I'm writing to let you know that there is a bridal giveway happening and I want you to participate! The giveway is for military brides currently serving OR her husband-to-be. I have a place in my heart for military men and women. It's pretty easy, I guess, since I've had family members serve. 

The details can be found on the 'giveways' page. Be sure to enter or enter someone you know. 

Hidden Figures

So, this post is a little late. I was late seeing this movie.  My intention was to hit up the movies on opening weekend but we had a snowstorm that came through-so when time allowed, I made it a point to go to the movies. 

"Hidden Figures" was excellent! Normally, I'm not one to post about movies but this one is a little different. 

I really admired the costume design, hair and makeup. It was beautiful! What really caught my eye was the matte lip color used on each other actresses. Janelle Monae, who was Mary, had a very fitting, bold lip color that was wonderful for her character. Taraji Henson, who was Katherine, wore red. The red was classic and elegant, just like Katherine. I really enjoyed this movie and watching how everything went together from the hair and makeup to the costumes to the set. The acting, of course, was great. That pretty much goes without saying. 

Job WELL done to the cast and crew! This is such an inspiring film. I hope that we will see many more like this in the future. I love when inspiring stories are told that really show the power of women. History that inspires all never gets old to me. 

For brides, it's important to think about the "theme" of your wedding and what you want your "theme" to say. What do you want to say with your gown, makeup, hair and accessories? Do you want something that's trendy and "in" right now? Are you looking for a more classic look? Or maybe a fun look? It's cool to draw inspiration from movies, magazines, Instagram and other great places for your day. 

Go Neutral. Go Nude.

Spring 2017 trends are starting with come into focus with the turn of the season right around the corner.  With new seasons come new trends. 

I will touch briefly on nudes and neutrals. Lip color is really a quick and easy way to change up your look without too much extra effort, especially with these two making a strong come back. 

For me personally, these two are always in and they never get old. It's nice to see an alternative to  bold, strong lips. I love to wear various looks, being an artist, and there are times that nude lips just set the tone for my look. 

So, for the spring and summer, we can expect to see nudes and neutrals. What's the difference, you ask? Well, I'll be happy to go into detail. 

Basically, nudes are colors that are close to or match your natural lip tone. You can think of it like this: if you skipped wearing nude lipstick, people probably wouldn't notice right away, if at all, because it's so natural-looking. That can be a plus for women who wear makeup but not on a daily basis. Nude colors would be more in the families of browns, taupes, and pinks.

Neutrals, on the other hand, add color without being too dramatic. They are going to be soft, yet noticeable. If you wore a soft rosey-plum, for instance, it would be noticeable if your natural color is pink or red. Plums and pinks would be considered neutral. They offer a pop of color without drawing a ton of attention to the lip. The list doesn't stop there-I just want to give you a better idea of what neutrals "look like." 

Consider these colors for your nails as well. Nude colors are really a nice touch for bridal beauty. Let's talk about these in further detail for your big day!





MAC Announces Caitlin Jenner Collection

MAC just keeps coming with new collection after new collection after new collection. 

Well, there's another one out now with Caitlin Jenner. The collaboration was recently announced and is actually on MAC's website now. There are multiple lipsticks for sale. Some of these colors are available online only.  The collection is full of beautiful eye shadows, lipsticks and liners among other things. Shopping for beautiful makeup is easy with this new collection. 

The colors in this collection are super-flattering for a bride. It really complements the 2017 Pantone Color of The Year. 


Color Themes You Want

Everyone wants to be in the know. Bridal color themes are super important because they set the tone for your wedding. 

Coming soon (and I see this trending now, actually) are a few colors that to me, are just gorgeous for weddings and tend to be very complimentary. 

Colors in the purple and blue families are making a strong appearance. In reference to the purple family, think orchid and lavender. In terms of blue, think cobalt blue. These colors are definitely beautiful and have a lot of appeal to them. 

Purple represents royalty, while blue is a wonderful color for fall and winter weddings. The good thing about these colors is that they are perfect all year round. Blue has been a strong contender this year. We saw it everywhere in the Spring and it's still around. For me personally, purple  is one of my favorites for brides because it just goes so well with so much. 

In terms of makeup, you can definitely incorporate these colors into your bridal makeup. It's totally doable. Both of these color palettes rock with some sort of pink too. The pink being in your makeup styling, of course. 


Bridal Nail Tips

A good manicure and pedicure make everything better! 

Here are a few tips for nails:

Remember your nails on your day!

In the scheme of things, details can be considered afterthoughts, when it's really the details that make a wedding YOURS. Details set your wedding apart from everyone else's. So, we want to first establish that your nails shouldn't be skimped on because they really do a GREAT job tying your hair, makeup, gown and other accessories together exceptionally well when they are done correctly.  After all, you need nice hands to show off the gorgeous, new jewelry you will be wearing as a Mrs. 

You are TOTALLY worth the investment. Typically, a manicure and pedicure can run anywhere from $35 and up. If you don't typically get your nails done, it's a great time to check out some looks. If you are short on time, testing out a look anywhere from 2-4 weeks before your wedding will work. 

Before going to the salon, follow these tips:

Determine your "bridal type" and what you want for your day.

Some brides are traditional while others may be a little in between. There are some brides who are completely opposite of both of these. Deciding what you want to "say" with your nails will help to narrow down the search.  

For example, let's take a more traditional bride. Her favorite color may be bubble gum pink. Since it's her favorite color, it's quite natural that she would want to express that on her wedding day. When she goes to the nail salon, she knows to stay in the pink family because that's her favorite color. She may opt for bubble gum pink initially, however, once she tries it on, she may opt for a more pastel pink for her day because it goes better with her theme or what she wants to express. It's not an idea of being "matchy" but rather allowing everything to "flow" well. 

Test out looks.

I like to purchase my own nail polish and take it to the salon because I have so many colors and ideas that I like to test out. In saying that, you may want to do one of two things: either start shopping for nail polish or "shop" the nail salon for colors they have available. I typically like to have the nail tech "test" out a color on my nails so that I can decide which color I want to use. It helps a lot. There is not much worse than getting a color you don't want after ALL of your nails have been painted. That's the great thing about testing out colors. If you purchase nail color on your own, you can do a 'test' by painting a strip of polish on your nails before going to the salon.

Fresh polish works WELL. 

I'll let you in on a little secret: Fresh polish works AMAZINGLY well! It's a secret to a flawless mani and pedi. It's one reason I take my own polish because I'm the only one using it and I know it's fresh. I tend to opt for colors that are bold and expressive more often than not, so those colors aren't always the 'freshest' in the bunch (at the nail salon). Nail polish can and does dry up, so keep that in mind. 

Ask around.

If you aren't one who gets your nails done often or you're seeking another shop/nail technician, word-of-mouth is great! Once you find your shop, book an appointment for your actual wedding day manicure and pedicure. Shops get booked quickly. If you have a particular nail tech you like, make sure to book that person. Every shop is not created equal. Stick with what works!

Toes count too.

People often focus on finger nails but toes count too! You can do the same color on both the hands and feet or you can get fancy and have 2 different looks. Be sure to test out looks on your toes too. Open-toed shoes look so much better with fancy toes! Even if you have a nude color, it just looks great on toes.