Color Themes You Want

Everyone wants to be in the know. Bridal color themes are super important because they set the tone for your wedding. 

Coming soon (and I see this trending now, actually) are a few colors that to me, are just gorgeous for weddings and tend to be very complimentary. 

Colors in the purple and blue families are making a strong appearance. In reference to the purple family, think orchid and lavender. In terms of blue, think cobalt blue. These colors are definitely beautiful and have a lot of appeal to them. 

Purple represents royalty, while blue is a wonderful color for fall and winter weddings. The good thing about these colors is that they are perfect all year round. Blue has been a strong contender this year. We saw it everywhere in the Spring and it's still around. For me personally, purple  is one of my favorites for brides because it just goes so well with so much. 

In terms of makeup, you can definitely incorporate these colors into your bridal makeup. It's totally doable. Both of these color palettes rock with some sort of pink too. The pink being in your makeup styling, of course.