Hidden Figures

So, this post is a little late. I was late seeing this movie.  My intention was to hit up the movies on opening weekend but we had a snowstorm that came through-so when time allowed, I made it a point to go to the movies. 

"Hidden Figures" was excellent! Normally, I'm not one to post about movies but this one is a little different. 

I really admired the costume design, hair and makeup. It was beautiful! What really caught my eye was the matte lip color used on each other actresses. Janelle Monae, who was Mary, had a very fitting, bold lip color that was wonderful for her character. Taraji Henson, who was Katherine, wore red. The red was classic and elegant, just like Katherine. I really enjoyed this movie and watching how everything went together from the hair and makeup to the costumes to the set. The acting, of course, was great. That pretty much goes without saying. 

Job WELL done to the cast and crew! This is such an inspiring film. I hope that we will see many more like this in the future. I love when inspiring stories are told that really show the power of women. History that inspires all never gets old to me. 

For brides, it's important to think about the "theme" of your wedding and what you want your "theme" to say. What do you want to say with your gown, makeup, hair and accessories? Do you want something that's trendy and "in" right now? Are you looking for a more classic look? Or maybe a fun look? It's cool to draw inspiration from movies, magazines, Instagram and other great places for your day.