Tammy Hargrove (image credit: Karea of ForeverKareaArt)

Tammy Hargrove (image credit: Karea of ForeverKareaArt)


 Thanks for visiting and checking out my work!

I have always been into skin. The artist side came to life watching a friend apply her makeup perfectly. It encouraged me to "play with makeup."  I begin to wear makeup and people begin to compliment me.  The compliments turned into a decision to attend Makeup Artist Studio for intensive training. Learning never stops for me so I travel to places like NYC for continual training. 

Prior to makeup training, I earned a degree in Mass Communication. After graduating from George Mason University, I went to work in the financial field. One job I had in finance allowed me to prep my manager for regular television appearances on CNBC, MSNBC and CNN.  This job helped me put my mass comm degree and artistic eye to work. 

The artist in me loves to help women discover their own unique beauty.  As an artist, it’s important for me to hear what my clients tell me is important to them. I am a strong believer in listening. Makeup skill is great but listening enhances makeup ability. 

To sum it all up, here I am with this great career that I love. Each experience has been great.  I’m looking forward to more exciting, rewarding experiences and I’m so looking forward to working with YOU!