Makeup is not my only love. I also enjoy grooming and wardrobe. While I am not a fashion stylist, I do find that grooming and wardrobe are quite necessary.

I have had the experience of grooming male and female talent for projects. In a word, groomers make sure that the talent is ready for photos, television and appearances. The job of a groomer is to make sure that the talent looks his or her best by being his or her eyes. One may ask the importance of this. Grooming allows the talent to concentrate on his or her job fully instead of having to focus  on how one looks. 

I highly recommend this service for brides as well. Bridal photoshoots are a perfect example. A bride should feel free to focus on the camera, not wondering if her hair is out of place or if her dress is wrinkled. It's the "behind the scenes" particulars that allow for a flawless shoot. 

Here is an example of how grooming makes an image come together. In addition to makeup, my job on this shoot was to make sure clothing was neat and in place at all times. As a result, the talent was able to and focus on creating beautiful imagery.

Wardrobe and Set Styling

My job on this shoot was to create an on-set store for an reality-tv type of commercial. This was actual commercial where participants shopped for clothing at a friend's home. It was a great experience! 

Below is an example of a wardrobe styling I did for a client. The client wanted to create a 'store' for some items she was selling. I was able to create a store for her in own space. I used the space and created an organized, neat way to clients to shop.