Girls Trip

The highly-anticipated, much-talked about movie weekend is finally here! 

Girl Trip, a movie released under Hollywood powerhouse Will Packard's entertainment company (Will Packard Productions), was in movie theaters everywhere this weekend. Packard is known for movies such as "Think Like Man Too", "Ride Along ", "Ride Along 2", "No Good Deed" and "Roots". For this film, he teamed up with the amazing Malcom Lee. Lee is known for great movies such as "The Best Man Holiday" and "Undercover Brother". Basically, when you see these two names together, expect something great to come out of it. 

I won't give the movie away or anything close but I would recommend going to see it. I really enjoyed it. 

The basics of the movie is this: a group of long-time girlfriends go on a trip to the Essence Music Festival. The movie was quite interesting and full of laughs. I really liked the movie and the makeup. The makeup really told a great story and fit the characters accordingly. Regina Hall has some AMAZING skin! I always look at her flawless skin slightly mesmerized because she just always looks so good on the big screen. Jada Pinkett-Smith also has some beautiful skin. I also liked Kate Walsh's makeup. Her bold lip was perfect. Everyone looked great. . . .and I would be remiss if I didn't mention the men in this film. Can we say EYE CANDY??? Lorenze Tate is still just as handsome as ever and he still looks like a young 20-something. Kofi Siriboe is complete eye-candy. I love seeing the talent of these men on the big screen. 

There are quite a few takeaways from this movie for me. One  of the being friendship and how important having a good group of girlfriends is for us ladies. We all need the friends who will not only be a friend but love us enough to challenge us to do better. 

As far as makeup, I just love film and I love what was done with the beauty in this film. In my mind (and the mind of others), this is a classic and sure to have many people laughing for a long time t come. 

Bridal Beauty Giveaway

Hi All! 

I hope this post finds you enjoying your summer. I personally am working on enjoying the outside weather. It's definitely my favorite time of year weather-wise. 

I'm writing to let you know that there is a bridal giveway happening and I want you to participate! The giveway is for military brides currently serving OR her husband-to-be. I have a place in my heart for military men and women. It's pretty easy, I guess, since I've had family members serve. 

The details can be found on the 'giveways' page. Be sure to enter or enter someone you know. 

Ulta & MAC!

A marriage made in makeup heaven has finally been announced. MAC and Ulta have joined forces! I heard that this was going to happen and now it's here.

Basically, this is BIG news! Why? Because MAC has moved into another arena and I believe the payoff will be big for both companies. 

MAC is known strictly as a department store brand. Up until now-today that is, the brand was only sold department stores, in stand alone MAC stores or online. With that being said, it's going to be a big shift for many to be able to have the option of heading to Ulta to purchase. 

The important thing to note is that MAC is only available online at for now. I'm hoping that the brand will be available in the brick and mortar stores soon. 

The whole move is really a sign of the times. It's pretty interesting and exciting to see this brand become more easily accessible. It also speaks volumes to the shift that has happened in our economy and the change coming to the shopping experience-mainly retail. 

Take advantage of this option if you can. If anything, it's at least available online now at Ulta. I'm expecting this to be a positive move for both brands. 

Glitter and Metallics

As stated in the previous post, metallic is a big thing right now and is definitely anticipated for the summer-where it will really be seen. I wanted to also touch on another area where the a "pop" will be take place with glitter: the eyes. 

I have been a long-time believer in metallics and glitter on the eyes-trend or no trend. :) This trend so reminds me of the 70s. Pair that with some lip gloss and a maxi dress and you'd look like you straight stepped out of 1970s Vogue. I really like this trend, can you tell?

It would be unfair for me to tell you about this and not give you places or brands to shop so you can try this for yourself. 

For your eyes, check out Stila. They have some AMAZING beauties that are sure to put a smile on your face. They are gorge. They are called Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadows. These are actually glitters that were designed to use on the eyes. They come in a range that is sure to please. The glitters range from subtle golds to  purple and black. 

As with all metals and glitters, you have to find your comfortable place. Whatever level you are comfortable with will determine what color you choose and how you apply. For softer color, a placement of color right on the lash line will work. If you are feeling like a more bolder approach is to take the color up just below your brow bone. Either way, it's an easy way to incorporate a trend that is sure to be a winner for the Spring and Summer.