Fall 2016 Preview

It's almost August and we can pretty much say that summer is winding down and fall will soon be approaching. For some, school is going to start within the next few weeks and for others, the start of another school year won't be too far behind. As we have about another strong month of summer left, we are going to soon be getting back into the grind of school, homework and projects. What FUN!

In saying that, makeup is going to be moving from summer to fall as well. There are some nice products that are going to be coming out for the fall.  Nars, for one, has some pretty cool jewel and sultry tones that are sure to catch a few eyes. I'm going to come back and talk about them a little later as we get closer to fall.

Me, personally, I just wanna enjoy summer for now (or at least the little bit that's left) and think about fall later. I'm JUST sayin.'