Girls Trip

The highly-anticipated, much-talked about movie weekend is finally here! 

Girl Trip, a movie released under Hollywood powerhouse Will Packard's entertainment company (Will Packard Productions), was in movie theaters everywhere this weekend. Packard is known for movies such as "Think Like Man Too", "Ride Along ", "Ride Along 2", "No Good Deed" and "Roots". For this film, he teamed up with the amazing Malcom Lee. Lee is known for great movies such as "The Best Man Holiday" and "Undercover Brother". Basically, when you see these two names together, expect something great to come out of it. 

I won't give the movie away or anything close but I would recommend going to see it. I really enjoyed it. 

The basics of the movie is this: a group of long-time girlfriends go on a trip to the Essence Music Festival. The movie was quite interesting and full of laughs. I really liked the movie and the makeup. The makeup really told a great story and fit the characters accordingly. Regina Hall has some AMAZING skin! I always look at her flawless skin slightly mesmerized because she just always looks so good on the big screen. Jada Pinkett-Smith also has some beautiful skin. I also liked Kate Walsh's makeup. Her bold lip was perfect. Everyone looked great. . . .and I would be remiss if I didn't mention the men in this film. Can we say EYE CANDY??? Lorenze Tate is still just as handsome as ever and he still looks like a young 20-something. Kofi Siriboe is complete eye-candy. I love seeing the talent of these men on the big screen. 

There are quite a few takeaways from this movie for me. One  of them being friendship and how important having a good group of girlfriends is for us ladies. We all need friends who will not only be a friend but love us enough to challenge us to do better. 

As far as makeup, I love what was done with the beauty in this film. In my mind (and the mind of others), this is a classic and sure to have many people laughing for a long time to come.